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Sunday Meat Sale Pick-Up

Posted 4/16/2020 12:04pm by Drew Johnson.

Hi Friends,

We hope everyone is healthy and doing well in these unique times.  We have been busy around the farm.  We planted a field of hay last week and are gearing up for a good deal more planting ahead.  The cows and sheep are out on pasture and are thriving.  We have had a few calves and lambs, and things have been moving along.  

We are planning a meat sale drive through pick-up this Sunday from 3-4.  If you haven't tried this new format, we have been very pleased with it, and we hope you can give it a try.  It has almost eliminated wait times and has been very smooth. 

Here's how it works, we have created a link below, which you can click on to view the availability and price list.  You can either fill it out and email it back, or just email us the items you would like.  We will package the items Saturday evening and send you an email by Sunday mid-morning with the total.  When you arrive at the farm on Sunday between 3-4, we will have a car line.  When you get to the barn, let us know what name the order will be under and we will put the box in your car.  If you have a check made out already, we will take it at that time, or process your credit card or make change from cash.  If you can have exact change or a check, that is preferred.  You stay in your car the whole time. It keeps everyone safe and things moving.

Right now our inventory is still a little limited.  We haven't gotten cattle back from the butcher since things got a little crazy, but we are hoping to have everything back and ready to sell next weekend with a wider variety of cuts.  Right now we have a lot of slow cooking items which are great to cook in a Crock Pot or oven on low for the day.  If you haven't tried some items in the past, maybe now is a great time to stretch your culinary wings.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.  We hope to see you Sunday.

Here is the link to the price list: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sfc-dynamic-content/uploadfiles/1182/4-5_Meat_Sale_Price_List.pdf


All the best,

Drew and Ashley Johnson

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