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Freezer Beef Information


Buying beef in bulk for your freezer is an exciting investment.  You are guaranteeing yourself a constant supply of high quality and flavorful beef readily available for your enjoyment for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy it at the store.  Not to mention the quality of meat at the store is nowhere near what you are purchasing directly from the farm.

Our freezer beef is processed locally at a family owned, USDA inspected facility near Greenville, OH.  Once processed, it is vacuum packaged in thick clear plastic, individually labeled and frozen. Orders of a half, or a whole beef can be fully customized to your specifications.  Mixed quarter beef customization is somewhat limited because you are splitting the half beef with someone else, but there are several options available.

There are many different cuts available when you purchase freezer beef.  The most popular choices include 2" thick tenderloin (fillet), 1" thick boneless Ribeye and NY strip steaks,  Sirloin steaks, 3# Chuck and Rump roasts, Rolled Rump roasts, Brisket, Short Ribs, Flank steak,  and of course Hamburger.  A mixed quarter beef will be a half of beef divided in two.  That means you get a mixture from the front and rear of the steer.  You still get all of the variety a half of beef gives you, but in a smaller quantity.  It is a great option for first time buyers or smaller households. 

Our beef is sold based on hanging weight, which is the weight of the meat while it is hanging to cure.  We dry age all of our beef for two weeks.  This tenderizes the beef and concentrates the beef flavor by allowing water to evaporate.   Our hanging weights can vary between 700 to 850 pounds for the whole beef, varying because of the breed of the beef and the sex of the animal.  We raise Black Simmental and Angus beef.  The bulk of our heard is Black Simmental so the hanging weight is typically on the larger side.  Hanging weight is the most accurate weight; however, it will be a higher weight than the total weight you will receive in your freezer due to trimming during processing.  The average loss due to trimming is approximately 40%.  For example, if your hanging weight was 800 pounds, you can expect approximately 480 pounds of meat in your freezer.  That number can vary depending on how many bone-in cuts you have made and how much is ground in to hamburger.

A quarter of beef is approximately two plastic tote bins full of beef.  There is some variance in that, but it is a close volumetric measurement.  Depending on the size of the steer, a half of beef  will be around 3-4 plastic totes, and a whole beef will give you anywhere between 6-8 plastic totes.  A whole beef will take up 3/4 to an entire chest freezer and lasts a family of four around one year. 

You don't have to worry about freezer burn because our beef is vacuum packaged in clear plastic.  It makes your beef taste just as good from day one until well over a year.  Each package is individually labeled as well, so you will be sure to thaw out exactly what you want for your next meal.  An additional benefit of vacuum packaging is that you can thaw your meat quicker by running water over the meat instead of microwave defrosting.  The packaging keeps water off the beef while allowing it to thaw quickly.

The price we charge includes the beef, processing, packaging, and labeling.  Price does not include delivery to our farm.  You will need to pick up your beef from the butcher after it is processed or pay a handling and storage fee based on the size of your purchase to pick up at the farm in Oxford.  When you give the butcher your cutting instructions they will let you know when to plan on picking it up.  Please call or email to check availability on freezer beef.  The amount of cattle we have ready for processing varies throughout the year. We are here to accommodate you so please feel free to get in touch with us.  Payment in full is required before pick up.

If you have any questions please call or email Drew at (513) 461-7513 or Drew@reserverunfarm.com

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